Update v1.2.2: Complete, Itch App Support, Secondary Display

  • Automatic updates with the Itch App.
  • All features and commands are in.
  • DRM-Free. No more activation codes.
  • Secondary display support bug fixed.

Version 1.2.2 is now available for Windows and macOS 64-Bit. It's a complete code rewrite and has all the features and commands now. The app is now DRM-Free which means no more activation codes starting with this version.

A bug showed up on Windows which broke support for secondary displays. That should be fixed now.

If you're on a 32-Bit Mac I've left the old 1.2.1 version in the Downloads labeled (Legacy). It'll be removed eventually, but I'll leave it up for awhile.

Changes & known issues:

  • [Bug] Displays in 'Portrait' orientation aren't displaying Pixel Fireplace the way I intended, so I hope to fix that in the next update or two.
  • [Change] 'rainbow / party' command was removed because it flashed colors and I was concerned about photo sensitivity. If I can get it to look decent as a non-flashing color palette I'll add it to the next update, but I haven't had success yet.
  • [Change] 'touch / grab / foot / hand / face' command was one that I decided not to re-implement. Pixel Fireplace is meant to be a nice soothing experience. That command brings to mind pain, and I feel that it never really belonged so it didn't make the cut for the rewrite.
  • [Bug] The number '0' lights up gold as if there is a command, but it shouldn't.


Pixel Fireplace for Windows 3 MB
Version 1.2.2 Dec 04, 2020
Pixel Fireplace for macOS 64bit 9 MB
Version 1.2.2 Dec 04, 2020

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Thanks so much for this update. My family and me are longtime fans of Pixel fireplace, it's a family staple during the holidays. It may be nit-picky, but I was wondering why you reduced the maximum of logs that can be placed in the fire. Thanks and happy holidays!


Hi Max, glad you and your family have enjoyed it for so long :)

That's a good question, there were a few reasons. It looked a little too much like a round, undefined pile. This overall shape looks better and more like a stack of logs. An average fireplace isn't really big enough for 5 logs or to throw them on side-to-side like it did, and it looked odd if you only threw on 2 logs. There was one in the middle and on the side but nothing on the other side, so this change fixed that too. Hope that answers your question :) Happy Holidays to you too!

Thanks for the quick answer. I also noticed that the fire runs long can it run out like in the first version?

You're right, something does seem to be up with that! Thanks for letting me know. Not sure when that started happening, but I'll fix it and include it in the next update which will be available soon :)


Burn time fix is in the latest update v1.2.3. It's about 25 min per log now. More details about that version here: https://hammertail.itch.io/pixel-fireplace/devlog/205806/update-v123-performance...