MacOS 64-bit Beta v0.9.1

MacOS Catalina now has a 64-bit beta version in downloads - put it in your Applications folder before running. It doesn't have every command and feature quite yet, but the essential fire burning is in.

On some displays it might look too zoomed in or just too large (like on a big television or projector), I added a temporary fix for now - press the 9 and 0 keys to zoom out/in. I'll give this a proper settings menu someday.

Pixel_Fireplace 64bitBeta (v0.9.1) 2019-12-24 known issues:

- Display can go to sleep while the fire is running. I need to figure out how to prevent this on Mac. For now, you'll have to increase the time before the display turns off in 'System Preferences -> Energy Saver" before running it - sorry about that.

- On some screens the scaling is too zoomed-in and the fire pixels get cut off at the top of the screen. Use 9 and 0 to zoom out/in.

- Colors, and a few other commands haven't been re-coded or have bugs, so they aren't in just yet.

- Splash screen needed at the beginning so it's not just a black screen for awhile. And on some screens it flashes white briefly on launch. Still figuring this out.

Changes from previous build (Beta v0.9.0):

- Log *THUD!* volume was too loud. It's quieter now and has some subtle pitch variation to make it sound slightly different each time. Will probably change this more in the future.

- I noticed there was screen tearing and visual artifacts when displayed on a TV. I added commands to turn on/off Vsync. Type 'vsyncon' and 'vsyncoff'.

- 'Enter' key doesn't switch windowed/fullscreen anymore.

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