Update: Dual Monitor Support in Beta v092

Dual Monitor Support is now released in Beta v0.9.2 for macOS & Windows. Double-click to toggle fullscreen on and off, drag the Fireplace window to a screen, and double-click again.

Hi! It's been awhile. At some point a change in Windows broke dual monitor support in our old Hex-Ray build of Pixel Fireplace. I've just updated the Beta version to support it. On Windows the application window will jump around a bit while calibrating and might flash white briefly. The window jumping is just how I have to do the calibrating for now. It seems like the screen flash is a hardware issue that Game Maker has with some machines (including mine) and I don't think that will get fixed. I actually made a neat, pixel-y transition to cover up the flash, but it made it take too long and I decided to ditch it. Maybe I'll use that for something else.

For now you still have to download Pixel Fireplace updates manually. Soon the Beta will have everything and replace the old version. Then it'll be setup with the itch app so it launches and auto-updates.

If you have any issues running Fireplace on another display, or anything else, let me know!


Pixel Fireplace for macOS 64Bit v0.9.2Beta 9 MB
Jul 07, 2020
Pixel Fireplace for Windows v0.9.2Beta 7 MB
Jul 07, 2020

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Thanks! Excited to try it!