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love it and have bought it! :)


I missed to activate it on the free weekend, but I always want to support people who do great work! soo.. I just bought it with a little extra on top. You're cool man, keep it up!

Hey Tocirah. Thanks a ton and for the kind words, too! I appreciate it, and it's motivating to make more things.


I got this over the weekend as well and either missed or didn't get my key! It's a lovely game, btw. Love how it works


emailed you :)

I can't seem to get to the downloads page. I got the game over the free weekend, and it's absolutely phenomenal! I just wish I could get the full experience. If I could have some way of contacting you so I could get it sorted out, that'd be amazing. Love the game!

hi, email me at tedmartens [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll help you out!


Whoops, forgot to get my key. Oh well, it's worth paying for. Love this, Ted

Thank you! Glad you like it! :D

I've already emailed Ted to get my key. C:

Hi Tievela96, just checking to make sure I sent you your key? Did you get an email from me?


I have the fireplace but it is asking for key what to do?


You need to e-mail the Dev because isn't automatically giving out keys. There are instructions on the download page.

Hi Tamal, I emailed you with your key.


thanks ted :)


a lovely little game for passing the time. this game caught me by surprise. i thought it'd be a little gimmick and i'd get bored with it in 5 minutes, i was wrong. it helped me relax through from the night to the morning, making my normally constantly high bpm go down to a soothing low. for a person with autism i find this game less of a game, and more of a tool to calm me down. it's helped me deal with stress and anxiety, get stuff done and make me really chilled out. considering it's free i'd recommend this to anyone with a mental disorder similar to mine, or if you're just wanting to feel relaxed.

Do you know how to activate it?

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Yep! You need to email the dev. His email and instructions are on the download page.

I have got the key. Thank you.

Thanks for your comment, JackB. It's nice to hear it was pleasant for you and helped. If you think of any new interactive commands to add let me know. If they are a good fit, they might get added in an update.

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